Traditional Photography ?
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Indian weddings are a mixture of the old and the new. Many young couples nowadays like elements of modern methods of taking pictures as opposed to merely sitting down for traditional ones. However, this does not mean that the traditional means of taking wedding photographs is a thing of the past. On the contrary, in Indian weddings, where a rich and deep culture never fails to exert its influence within the very fabric of people’s everyday lives, anything that is traditional is accepted with open arms.

Traditional photography has a set subject that is usually posed or moved in order to suit the photographer's needs. Candid photography is taken without the knowledge of anyone/thing in the picture. An example of traditional photography: A photo of someone sitting in front of the camera, posing for it - they know the picture is being taken and are doing things to ensure the photo comes out correctly. An example of candid photography: A photographer taking a photo of a busy intersection - the cars and strangers in that photo did not plan, expect, or know that the photo was being taken of them, and continue going about their day oblivious. They do not pose or do anything to ensure quality.

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